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BlackPearl Capital Partners runs wholesale managed discretionary accounts (MDA’s) for wholesale, retail and sophisticated investor clients based on a fundamental value driven investment strategy.

Our interests are aligned with our clients as a large part of our net worth is invested in a MDA that invests alongside our clients.


What is a Managed Discretionary Account?

A Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) is a professionally constructed and managed portfolio of local and international shares, derivatives and cash.

The customer (or trustee for superannuation) has their own individual account and therefore is the beneficial owner of the underlying securities. This means the client directly receives the dividends and franking credits from the underlying shares.

The clients individual account is managed by BlackPearl Capital Partners using its value driven global investment strategy.


What are the benefits?

An MDA offers many benefits. These include professional asset management, the transparency to view the shares held in the MDA and competitive price and tax effectiveness.


BlackPearl Capital Partners MDA is as easy as a managed fund

Like a managed fund, our MDA allows you to:

  • manage all investments through the one platform/account
  • invest through a super, pension, investment or self-managed super account
  • choose a range of investment styles or managers to suit your personal preferences and goals, and
  • diversify your portfolio and get access to both local and international equities Australian shares – you have access to different companies, industries and sectors.
  • get access to a unique, flexible and nimble investment strategy that has the ability to go long and short, generate positive returns in both up and down markets and use derivatives to increase exposure or reduce risk


However an MDA is different in that it allows you to:

  • view underlying global shares, bonds and derivatives in reports/statements
  • save in management costs
  • help minimise the impact of inherited capital gains tax
  • minimise tax when you transfer shares into the MDA
  • confirm prices in one business day