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The BlackPearl Advisory Service

The BlackPearl Capital Partners Advisory Service provides investors with unique insights and timely equity investment opportunities

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Advisory Service

BlackPearl Capital Partners provides investors with unique investment insights into local and international equity markets. Our clients gain access to investment opportunities which we uncover using a disciplined, value driven, proprietary investment process.

We gather intelligence that benefits our clients in various different ways including through our deep investments networks that have been built managing the BlackPearl Masters Fund, quantitative factor screens that aim to uncover

market mispricing of securities and meetings with company management, competitors, suppliers and industry experts.


We filter and use this information to value individual companies using various valuations methods including price to earnings, free cash flow yields and enterprise value multiples.

Investments we recommend and purchase on behalf of our clients are initiated based on a catalyst, a short-term mispricing or inefficiently priced industry trends. Positions are generally held for months or years.

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