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The BlackPearl Masters Fund

The BlackPearl Masters Fund is a multi strategy fund that invests with a group of managers that independently peruse a broad range of alternative trading and investment strategies.
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The BlackPearl Masters Fund

The BlackPearl Masters Fund is a multi strategy, multi manager fund that invests in some of Australia’s best performing hedge funds that primarily focus on equities. The core of the Fund’s strategy is based on making investments in absolute return funds that employ a range of investment strategies, such as equity long short, equity market neutral, event driven and arbitrage. The Fund seeks to generate returns for our investors that have a low correlation to the broader equities market.

All our managers can invest both long and short and as a result have the capability to generate positive returns in both up and down markets, something we see as a large advantage compared to traditional long only approaches. Our funds implement alternative investment and trading strategies that are very difficult and in most cases impossible to replicate by the majority of individual investors.

The hedge funds that the BlackPearl Masters Fund invests in are generally not available to investors through traditional wrap bank platforms or the majority of financial planners. Investors in the BlackPearl Masters Fund have the opportunity to gain exposure to a basket of uncorrelated absolute return funds that possess significant investment competitive advantages which include unique strategies, hard to access corporate networks, exclusive data sets, proprietary quantitative models, proven track records and unconstrained mandates.

The majority of the Fund’s investments are in Australian domiciled hedge funds which invest in both local and international markets. The Investment Manager has the flexibility to take direct investment positions when seeking to manage risk through hedging or to enhance returns when favourable opportunities arise. This structure allows the Fund to be very opportunistic in its investment approach.

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