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The BlackPearl Model Portfolio

The BlackPearl Model Portfolio uses a disciplined quantitative approach to screen and identify investment

opportunities using value and momentum factors.

BlackPearl Model Portfolio
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The BlackPearl Investor Model Portfolio is a quantitative model portfolio that allows investors to access equity investment opportunities that have been selected using a quantitative screening process.


At any given time the portfolio invests in around 25 stocks listed on the Australian stock exchange which have a market capitalisation of least $100 million with the majority of the stocks being medium and large cap businesses.


The model portfolio is a goldmine for time poor or self-directed investors that are looking for a way to help improve their investment returns. BlackPearl Capital Partners uses a disciplined screening process that screens for the best stock opportunities in the market based on value and momentum criteria. There is significant amount of academic research that shows that both value and momentum factors are powerful indicators of future stock returns.


Value investing is one of the most popular and profitable long-term styles. At its core it's based on finding shares that are misunderstood and mispriced by the market and holding them until the value of those shares is realised by the rest of the market participants.


Momentum investing has also been proven in many studies to be a powerful driver of future stock returns. There are numerous reasons why recent trends tend to persist into the future both from a company operations standpoint as well as rising share prices.


The BlackPearl Capital Model Portfolio combines these two powerful forces, value and momentum and provides investors access to actionable investment opportunities.


The model portfolio is purely quantitative it does not follow stock tips, stories or hunches it uses specific fundamental and technical criteria to find stocks which are mispriced in the market based academic research and historical empirical evidence.


The portfolio is re-balanced once a quarter. Any stocks that no longer meet the models criteria are sold and any new stocks that meet the models criteria are included in the portfolio.


If you would like to get access to a list of stocks that are selected using a disciplined investment methodology supported by thorough research please contact us.

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