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The BlackPearl Masters Fund

The BlackPearl Masters Fund is a multi strategy fund that invests with a group of managers that independently peruse a broad range of alternative trading and investment strategies.
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Our Approach
Our Approach

We believe that by constructing a portfolio of diverse uncorrelated strategies that have the ability to perform in both rising and falling market conditions it is possible to generate more consistent returns with lower volatility than the general equity market and with less reliance on rising equity prices.

We only invest with high calibre hedge fund managers that possess valuable experience in managing or working for absolute return funds, private equity firms, proprietary trading desks or investment banks and possess a proven track record of superior returns.

Each manager we invest with employs a different investment approach and has a unique skill set or understanding of a particular market or strategy. We combine these strategies in a way that maximises the risk reward characteristics of the Fund’s overall portfolio.

An important part of our strategy is to invest alongside managers that have a significant amount of their own net wealth invested in their funds which means that our investors interests are fully aligned with our managers.

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